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Infinant Health
Infinant Health

Changing the trajectory of human health, one baby at a time. Intent on creating a world without chronic debilitating disease where every human immune system develops for lifelong health right from the beginning. Evolve was the start. Now Infinant Health. We exist to positively impact the health of all humanity, by supporting the human body so it can thrive as nature intended. Our discovery of the natural synergies between babies’ diet and beneficial bacteria has the power to improve the lives of every human on earth. Clinical outcomes will prove our groundbreaking discovery has profound impacts on infant development, and we’re committed to establishing healthy immune systems, cognition, and metabolism starting from the earliest stages of life. By creating a healthy microbiome that sets each baby on the path to a healthy life, we positively impact the long-term health of all humanity. At Infinant Health, we ensure immune, metabolic, and cognitive systems are directed to support lifelong health during the earliest, most critical stages of life—potentially saving future generations from chronic, debilitating conditions such as type 1 diabetes, allergies, necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), and other diseases that originate in childhood. So that our vision of a world free from preventable chronic diseases becomes a reality.
Founded in 2012
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